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Private Tutoring Sessions

 ACT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests, AP Tests, Accuplacer, SSAT, ISEE, CHSPE & College Application Essays• One on one tutoring that focuses on empowering the student. Simply the best way to prepare a student for the SAT or ACT. • Students will receive in session help with principles and strategies. • Test Prep students will receive a critique of their strengths and weaknesses, a discussion of the test cycle, and a corresponding test prep plan.   

Semi-Private Sessions

• Sessions with two to three students are available upon request. • Sessions can be scheduled for an hour but an hour and a half session is recommended. 

Mock Tests

• Regularly scheduled diagnostic tests. • Mock Tests are an invaluable opportunity to take current, proctored tests under test conditions.• This is an opportunity for current tutoring students to practice and a chance for independent students to gauge their progress. • Students not currently working with Engaging Minds Education will receive an email with results.  

Full Test Prep Packages

• A student/parent consultation to discuss schedule, test dates, etc.• 18 private one hour sessions used as needed• Free attendance to scheduled Mock Tests 

College Admission Essay Tutoring

• Students create an application calendar, review all essay prompts, and create a resume.• Brainstorming exercises help students begin the daunting process of writing the personal statement.• Students draft each essay and then work to edit the essay in order that it showcases the student’s abilities and achievements. • Email sessions available upon request.  

Subject Tutoring

English, Math—Geometry, Algebra, Statistics, Calculus, Art History, & Writing

• One on one tutoring for homework help, curriculum review, or test preparation Please email us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

While the majority of our students are happy with their improvement, we do not guarantee scores. Each student is unique, and the effort a student puts in is as important as how good the tutoring a student is offered.  

We prefer for students to begin 6-8 weeks before taking the first standardized test. That said, if you are an incoming junior who has finished Algebra II, we recommend starting prep during the summer between your sophomore and junior year. 

Through one-on-one coaching, students play an active role in improvement. Progress is gauged by homework scores and confirmed by mock test scores. 

We know our students.

Engaging Minds Education only accepts a limited number of students for each test cycle. This means we are actively involved in each and every student’s prep and success. Your student will have a tailored plan and a dedicated coach. Our tutors are teachers, experienced in wing out a student’s potential. Over half of our students are referrals from happy parents of former students or siblings of former students.

If you’re a junior, you have a big decision to make. Which test should you take, the ACT or SAT?

The ACT has changed. The essay is now scored on a 36 point scale, there is a new format for the prompt (new as of September 2015), and the test has gotten a bit harder. These aren’t big changes, but they’re there. The bulk of the test is the same: it’s a time sensitive test, and there’s a science section.

The SAT launched a brand new test with a brand new scoring scale in March of 2016. While the test has eliminated the guessing penalty and removed the essay from the composite score, it does have its challenges. 

The ACT is a time driven test with challenging math and science sections. The SAT is now a time driven test with two challenging math sections and science questions built into the test.  The one difference between the tests is that the ACT format has been around for a long time. The SAT format is brand new. The big question is– do you want to take a chance on a new test?

The college application process is a daunting one. But trust in the work you’ve put into school. This is one step in your college process. Embrace it! It’s only for a limited time. Pick a test and trust your decision. Get help if you need it. And most of all–Good luck!

After years of working with students on test prep, I can tell you having a clear goal score is one of the most important aspects of test prep. If you begin test prep without a solid goal score, you’re prepping in the dark. It’s a lovely way to spend your off time, but don’t you want to know when you can stop practicing for the ACT or SAT? 

It’s also a motivation factor. As you get closer and closer to the score you need, you also see the finish line. How wonderful would it feel to send in your college applications knowing you had a score that fit the bill?

You want to know when you’re safe.

What score you needs depends on many factors specific to you!

  • What colleges are you interested in?
  • What is your GPA and does it match these schools?
  • What your dream school is?
  • How well you take standardized tests?
  • How much do you care?

You have to decide what colleges you plan to apply to. This decision needs to be based on many personal factors: GPA, field of study, geographic area, proximity to home, finances, willingness, and much more.

So take a breath. Sit down with your parents, college counselor, favorite teacher, and whoever else gets a say in where you go to college and start talking. The one piece of advice I can give you is aim high. I can’t tell you how many kids come back after a summer of touring schools only to realize their once perfect score is now too low to get him or her into the dream college and the prep begins again. You don’t want to be that student.

The good news is if you’re reading this, you do care. I promise test prep is for a limited time only. Get your score. Sleep sound. And have a bright future!

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