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If you’re a junior, you have a big decision to make. Which test should you take, the ACT or SAT?

The ACT has changed. The essay is now scored on a 36 point scale, there is a new format for the prompt (new as of September 2015), and the test has gotten a bit harder. These aren’t big changes, but they’re there. The bulk of the test is the same: it’s a time sensitive test, and there’s a science section.

The SAT launched a brand new test with a brand new scoring scale in March of 2016. While the test has eliminated the guessing penalty and removed the essay from the composite score, it does have its challenges. (Have you taken the SAT and want to better understand your score? )

The ACT is a time driven test with challenging math and science sections. The SAT is now a time driven test with two challenging math sections and science questions built into the test.  The one different between the tests is that the ACT format has been around for a long time. The SAT format is brand new. The big question is– do you want to take a chance on a new test?

The college application process is a daunting one. But trust in the work you’ve put into school. This is one step in your college process. Embrace it! It’s only for a limited time. Pick a test and trust your decision. Get help if you need it. And most of all–Good luck!

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